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We can help you develop and execute a clear and strategic IT roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to business goals.

How Can We Help

Hotbox Marketing Solutions helps companies achieve success

The internet era is a very competitive era in our therefore we help our clients to head start in the race by giving them current trending updated internet visibility and functional tactics. Hotbox Solutions always deliver as per customer specifics.

Grow your amazing business using our solutions

Current Tools

The tools that we implement to solve our customers’ problems are industry standard as well as current. We also update our solutions to keep our clients ahead of the game.

Save Extra Money

The solutions that we implement on our customers are always cost effective. We believe that they can never be a price for complexity therefore we offer simple solutions to solve complex issues at a very affordable rate

Detailed Report

After issuing a solution to our clients we make sure that we give them a detailed report of the solution. We believe that our solutions are simple that even in our absence the client can still configure to their specifications.

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About Hotbox Marketing Solutions

Our company history

Hotbox Marketing Solutions was started in May 2020 and was formally registered in November 2020. It all started with two guys who developed a chatbot to offer all internet solutions through WhatsApp. However the platform grew to service over 400,000 users and then expanded into building the largest marketplace in Zimbabwe with over 100 stores and 10,000 listings.

Currently Hotbox Marketing Solutions is headquatered in Mount Pleasant Heights at number 1043 Bannockburn Road, Mount Pleasant Heights, Harare.

Currently Hotbox Marketing Solutions employs 15 employees, who most of the time will be working remotely.

As of today Hotbox Marketing Solutions has over 50 clients and growing.

Why Work With Us

Business is at the heart of everything we do

The main reason any client wants to work with us is because we offer solutions not just suggest them from software development, cloud infrastructure, chatbot development, hosting, backups, digital marketing SEO. On top of that we offer all these at a very affordable rate.

24/7 Customer Care

Flexible Fee

Top Industry Specialists

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