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Clients Projects

Creative Credit

Creative Credit is a large company that sells products mainly to civil servants on loan. We developed their platform in 2020 and till now we are maintaining the platform.

Link : https://creative.co.zw

Creative Credit Website by Hotbox Marketing Solutions
ShopSavvy Website by Hotbox Marketing Solutions

ShopSavvy Shop

ShopSavvy is an online shop that enables buyers to buy groceries of all sorts and get deliveries. We developed the platform in 2021.

Link : https://shopsavvy.co.zw


Priceline is a price comparison platform that enables users to compare grocery prices in stores

Link : https://priceline.co.zw

Priceline Website by Hotbox Marketing Solutions
CarGuvi Website by Hotbox Marketing Solutions


Carguvi is an online platform that allows users to search and buy car parts and service kits online.

Link : https://carguvi.co.zw

Amigo Portal

Amigo Portal is an online educational portal that allows students to access notes, video tutorials, marking schemes, past exam papers etc

Link : https://amigo.co.zw

Amigo Platform website by Hotbox Solutions
Capri Solar Website by Hotbox Solutions

Capri Slar

Capri Solar is a company that sells and installs solar components to companies and individuals

Link : https://caprisolar.co.zw

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